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Issue #69:
February, 2024

Maharishi Vastu® Architecture, Applying the principles of Maharishi Vastu design and construction

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February 2024

A Close Look at 2023 Achievements in Maharishi Vastu® Architecture

Projects in North America:

Maharishi Vastu Peace Communities on the Horizon

Central Ohio: Senior Housing and Recreational Facilities

A new Maharishi Vastu Peace Colony is on the drawing board in Central Ohio. Spanning 150 acres (photo above), the plan includes 75 units of senior housing designed according to Vastu principles, additional homes, eight communal buildings, and recreational amenities. The site boasts expansive fields, dense forests, and potential for picturesque ponds, catering specifically to a group of Bhutanese who now reside in Ohio, a community valuing Vedic technologies. 

New England: A Future Peace Residence and Community

A Maharishi Peace Residence is in the planning stages in the Northeastern United States, surrounded by 39 Maharishi Vastu homes and apartments (photo of the land above). The initial master plan draft is set, with approvals anticipated in 2024 and construction eyed for 2026.

Mandala Village, Vero Beach: Advancing to Phase One

The 200-home community of Mandala Village in Vero Beach, Florida has just taken a major step of progress—the developers have received unanimous county commissioner approval and are planning a zoning commission approval for phase 1. This includes building miles of roads and a 14 acre lake. The developers are working on the land development permit and will have more news soon.

North Campus Ridge Development

The North Campus Ridge project is a joint project of Vastu Partners, DRB Contracting, and MIU. The formula to use government grants and production-building efficiencies to sell multi-family homes at below-market prices would not have been successful without the support of the Fairfield City Council and FEDA. The project is advancing and construction has commenced.

Global Peace Village, MIU Campus: Inaugurating Residences

The Global Peace Village at the MIU campus marked a milestone with ITS inauguration in June of 2023 for its first residential buildings, kickstarting a comprehensive redevelopment plan for the campus housing facilities.

Noteworthy Individual Maharishi Vastu Projects

Livingston Manor: Long Term Retreat facility

The long term Retreat Campus for Single Ladies at Livingston Manor, NY, designed by MV architect Michael Chelnov, is set to begin construction of a new Residence Hall for this group of permanent residents in April 2024. Funding for the building structure is complete and excavation began this fall. The 40,000 square feet building marries Vastu principles with Passive House energy efficiency. In addition to 50 residential apartments this building will include a dining hall, meditation hall, and a meeting hall

80,000 Sq ft Fairfield IT & Business Park: Transformation Underway

The Fairfield IT & Business Park Building, now owned by MIU thanks to a very generous donor, is gradually transitioning into student residences and a conference center. The conversion of the north wing is almost complete, and future plans include the refurbishment of the south wing to meet MIU's future needs.

Peace Residences: Embracing Local Architectural Styles

A Maharishi Peace Residence/TM Center in Virginia- completed this summer- and another Peace Residence in the Mediterranean, both designed by US Vastu architects, are progressing well, which will additionally showcase the integration of Maharishi Vastu architecture with regional styles.

Education, Outreach, and Future Goals

Mentoring and Educational Initiatives

The US team is focused on mentoring the next generation. Our training programs and internships are fostering a new wave of Vastu architects and real estate developers

Outreach Efforts and Website Revamp

Lectures, collaborations, and establishment of the Vastu Developers Association are in the works. A comprehensive redesign of the Maharishi Vastu website is also underway, aiming to modernize the user experience and broaden the appeal of Vastu principles.

Stay Tuned!

2024 Goals: Construction, Development, and Innovation

Key objectives for 2024 include initiating construction on new Peace Communities, progressing on the Mother Divine Campus Residence Hall, launching contemporary home designs, and inaugurating updated websites. These efforts aim to enhance public awareness of Maharishi Vastu architecture and expand the scale of projects across the US.