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At Home in Maharishi Vastu

Issue #12:
December, 2011

Welcome to our Issue

  • Capturing the Sun’s First Light
  • Milestones in Building Maharishi Vastu
  • Tower Developer Speaks “Beyond Green”

Maharishi Vastu® Architecture, Applying the principles of Maharishi Vastu design

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About Us

Live or work in Maharishi Vastu and gain a powerful influence of fulfillment, happiness and perfect health for the rest of your life.

Maharishi Vedic® architecture provides the universal rules and principles to design buildings, developments and cities to bring the beneficial influence of all the laws of nature to human life.

Maharishi Vastu is the holistic science of establishment that connects the parts to the whole, the individual to the cosmic.

What we offer to you:

  1. Pre-designed plans for homes and larger buildings.
  2. Custom design of homes by affiliated architects.
  3. Site evaluation: to help you find an ideal site.
  4. Master Planning for developments and communities.
  5. Consultation services: to ensure that your architect’s custom design will have a fully nourishing influence.

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Capturing the Sun’s First Light

Many people have asked over the years about the importance of sunrise on a Maharishi Vastu site. Especially those who are thinking to build in a mountainous area. Let’s take a look at what the ancient texts of Maharishi Vedic architecture as well as current scientific thinking can tell us on this point and then look at two very beautiful examples from the mountains of eastern and western USA.

Maharishi Vastu house

The strongest influence of Natural Law comes from the sun. on its daily path from east to west the sun generates different types or qualities of energy. When the sun is rising in the east the influence of the rising sun dispels the darkness of the night and brings a fresh wave of nourishing light as it falls on the front entrance to a Maharishi Vastu house. Then, as we use that entrance throughout the day, we enjoy those qualities of nourishment, awakening consciousness and vitality. The phrase “well begun is half done” is very appropriate to this principle. Conversely, if a house is facing west, then the energy that comes when the sun finally reaches the front of the house is the energy of the sinking sun. This causes the problems associated with a western entrance- poverty, narrow thinking, dullness of mind…all of which come from the lack of vitality from the sun as it is sinking.

Maharishi Vastu house

Maharishi placed great emphasis on this principle of vedic architecture and re-established parameters for the acceptable delay in sunrise at any location in determining the auspiciousness of a site for Maharishi Vastu construction. Even modern science is beginning to realize the extremely deleterious effect of constructing buildings without the application of Natural Law. Improper orientation, improper proportion, toxic building materials- all these lead to disease and ill health of the inhabitants of the building…not to mention disorientation, worry, dullness of awareness. Science is even beginning to recognize the different qualities of light generated by the sun at various times of the day and we are all familiar with the current research on the brain and spatial orientation.

This is also why the ancient texts of Vedic architecture say that the different energies of the sun as it moves in its path across the house determine the specific function and activity of each room. We will examine that principle in the next issue.

Maharishi Vastu houseMaharishi Vedic Academy

In the 2 houses featured here, one in the western mountains of the USA and the other in the eastern mountains, USA, the owners have found beautiful sites which illustrate the effect on the inhabitants of early sunlight on the front of the home. Their experiences of living in these homes exemplify the descriptions as recorded and predicted by the Vastu texts.

The western owners relate…” On a subtler level, at home, I feel the connectedness to the laws of nature. The home honors nature and nature seems to return the homage. We have lived in many beautiful homes but they always felt like someone else’s idea of life to which we had to adapt. This house feels like an extension of one’s self. From the immediate purpose of supporting the routines of daily living, the boundaries and dimensions of the house, being so aligned with the sun, moon, stars, planets, and the environment, bring the effect of feeling unbounded.”

Maharishi Vastu house

… “Our house does feel just right for us, comfortable with just us at home together, comfortable with 30 guests here for a pot-luck, comfortable with several houseguests here for a week. We are very happy with our new home.”

Take a look inside this home and see how this wonderful space takes maximum advantage of the views and the light.
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Maharishi Vastu houseMaharishi Vedic Academy

The second home, in the mountains of New Hampshire, is a perfect example of a design that naturally allows light to enter deeply into the house on both levels. Most of the house functions receive the eastern light due to the very open floor plan on both main and upper levels of the house. The abundant use of windows also provides maximum opportunity for air circulation, another important consideration in a Maharishi Vastu home.
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Maharishi Vastu house

A wise man has said, “ignorance of the laws of nature is not an excuse …it does not negate the effect of natural law”. Our desire is for everyone to live in a Maharishi Vastu home so that the profound effect of the vital rays of early morning sun can influence and guide them throughout their daily life.

Milestones in Building Maharishi Vastu

On an auspicious day in early October, the ceremony for Laying of the Foundation Stone was performed in the city center of Erfurt, Germany. Erfurt is the capital of the state of Thuringia close to the center point (Brahmasthan) of all of Germany.

Laying of the Foundation Stone

An integral part in the process of building a Maharishi Vastu home is three milestones in the building process. Each of these events involves a short, unique ceremony. The first is “breaking the ground”, the second is “laying the foundation stone” when work is about to begin( as in this example) and the final is “inaugurating the new house” when the owners occupy the home for the first time. Each ceremony is scheduled at an auspicious time and day particular to the owner. To determine that timing, the owner will have a Maharishi Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) consultation and then the auspicious date and time, (called a muhurta) for each of the milestones can be determined as they are needed. Each ceremony enlivens the laws of nature that ensure the success of that particular and very important aspect of the building process and occupancy of the house. 

This particular ceremony was attended by close to 50 people from all over Germany and neighboring Switzerland with congratulations coming from everywhere. In addition to laying the foundation stone, there was a flag raising as well as a celebration with comments and background on the construction plans by the architect. Each of the three ceremonies is typically accompanied by some celebratory activities and family and friends participate fully.

This particular ceremony was attended by close to 50 people

This will be the first city Peace Palace in all of Europe to be constructed in full accord with the principles of Maharishi Vedic architecture. Construction on the building will utilize the Master Builder system of natural, self-insulating cast wall panels which also incorporate the traditional vedic elements of ornamentation- plinth, pilasters, arches and entablatures. The latest photo album Facebook includes new examples of the vedic ornamentation and construction progress on this building.

Tower Developer Speaks “Beyond Green”

Jeffrey Abramson, developer of 2000 Tower Oaks Blvd, the largest Maharishi Vastu office building in the world spoke recently at the Garrison Institute symposium on the progression of his thinking from simply “building green” to “going beyond green”. He describes how the final frontier is using a system of design and construction (Maharishi Vastu architecture) that puts the inhabitants of the building in tune with natural law. This system not only makes for healthy buildings but allows people to think and act and contribute to society and the environment in a healthy, positive way. If you have not yet heard Jeffrey’s talk, it is both fascinating and informative. You can listen to it at:

2000 Tower Oaks Blvd