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At Home in Maharishi Vastu

Issue #32:
August, 2015

Welcome to our Issue

  • New Video - New look to our Website
  • Live, online presentation for Vastu community in New Jersey

Maharishi Vastu® Architecture, Applying the principles of Maharishi Vastu design

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About Us

Live or work in Maharishi Vastu and gain a powerful influence of fulfillment, happiness and perfect health for the rest of your life.

Maharishi Vedic® architecture provides the universal rules and principles to design buildings, developments and cities to bring the beneficial influence of all the laws of nature to human life.

Maharishi Vastu is the holistic science of establishment that connects the parts to the whole, the individual to the cosmic.

What we offer to you:

  1. Pre-designed plans for homes and larger buildings.
  2. Custom design of homes by affiliated architects.
  3. Site evaluation: to help you find an ideal site.
  4. Master Planning for developments and communities.
  5. Consultation services: to ensure that your architect’s custom design will have a fully nourishing influence.

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New Video - New look to our Website

How does Maharishi Vastu architecture align individual consciousness with the intelligence of the universe?
This fascinating but more abstract principle is one we get asked about all the time. Now, we are pleased to bring you a short video of Dr. Eike Hartmann, in which he describes the mechanics of how Maharishi Vastu design creates structures for human dwellings that harmonize with the structure of the universe. You can watch it here.

We have recently updated our website with a new home page look and have added two new main menu tabs — FAQs and Communities. The link to our new FAQ page is here: If you find you still have questions not covered here, then send us an email.

Malaysian Peace Palace Construction Begins

On April 21st the ceremonial demolition of an existing building was the initial step in the construction of Malaysia’s first Peace Palace.

A Maharishi Peace Palace is a building designed and constructed to be a lighthouse of peace and coherence for the community. These buildings are for all people who want to experience peace in their own lives as well as create a more peace in their community. By offering peace-creating technologies such as the Transcendental Meditation® technique, Maharishi Ayurveda, Vastu and many more to the public, these buildings are truly palaces of peace where stresses and strains from daily life are neutralized to create a more coherent, peaceful environment.

Ceremony to demolish

Ceremony to demolish the old building in which everyone participated with enthusiasm.

The Malaysian group writes:
Greatest gratitude to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for his inspiration to build palaces of peace all around the world and especially his gift to Malaysia-the land on which to build the first Malaysian Peace Palace. This building project started on April 21, 2015 and is estimated to reach completion in two years time. To share the progress of work with all our friends we have created this Facebook group. All are welcome to give your input and support to this great project.

Malaysian group

More information and an ongoing photo journal of progress can be found in their Facebook group.

Reconstruction of the Maharishi European Research University campus

Reconstruction continues for the Maharishi European Research University (MERU) near Vlodrop, Holland. The removal of a large, non-Vastu building that once served as a boy’s school has made way for a new campus plan in accord with the ancient principles of Vastu design.

You can see more pictures of this process in our Facebook album.

Maharishi European Research University

Overview of new construction and demolition. The large hill in the background is the residue from the old building. According to the principles of Vedic city planning all the roads are on a grid aligned with the cardinal directions.