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At Home in Maharishi Vastu

Issue #11:
October, 2011

Welcome to our Issue

  • Heavenly Oasis in New Zealand
  • Take a Look Inside a Maharishi Vastu home
  • Vastu Homes in Denmark
  • Maharishi Vastu versus Natural Disasters

Maharishi Vastu® Architecture, Applying the principles of Maharishi Vastu design

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About Us

Live or work in Maharishi Vastu and gain a powerful influence of fulfillment, happiness and perfect health for the rest of your life.

Maharishi Vedic® architecture provides the universal rules and principles to design buildings, developments and cities to bring the beneficial influence of all the laws of nature to human life.

Maharishi Vastu is the holistic science of establishment that connects the parts to the whole, the individual to the cosmic.

What we offer to you:

  1. Pre-designed plans for homes and larger buildings.
  2. Custom design of homes by affiliated architects.
  3. Site evaluation: to help you find an ideal site.
  4. Master Planning for developments and communities.
  5. Consultation services: to ensure that your architect’s custom design will have a fully nourishing influence.

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Heavenly Oasis in New Zealand

The lovely New Zealand Peace Community is located in a place that sounds to those of us in the northern hemisphere to be this side of heaven!

Named the Maharishi Vedic Academy it is just a few minutes to some of the wonderful sandy beaches of New Zealand and has a stream running through the property on which the residents can kayak to the ocean.

Maharishi Vedic Academy

This aerial view of the site clearly demonstrates how auspicious a site it is. The open land getting the full benefit of the sunlight; gentle slope in the right direction; surrounded by mature trees; and the stream leading to the ocean in an auspicious location for bringing positive influences to all. The site of a Maharishi Vastu home or community is a critical element and brings important influences to the owner.

The community is located 25 miles north of downtown Auckland in Silverdale and consists of 8 hectares of land so far. Development began in 2002 with the Maharishi Spiritual Capital of NZ, a 375 sm (4036 SF) building housing the TM National Center as well as its administrative offices. The first residence was also built in that year—a 130 sm (1400 SF) single family home. The land is being developed thoughtfully with 2 more single family residences added in 2009 and a small cabin in 2008. The biggest expansion is the addition of a 10 room guest residence of 250 sm (2690 SF) just completed.

Vastu home

Approval has been given for 7 more single family homes, an additional 5 cabins, another guest residence, dining facility and a Health Spa/clinic facility on the 8 hectares (20 acre) site.

One of the residents, Laura Treadwell, echoes the thoughts of others around the world that have chosen to move into a Maharishi Vastu village after living in a more urban area.

“Initially I was reluctant to move away from Auckland to come and live here, but in living in a Maharishi Vastu house we have seen so many changes in our lives. There is an intangible level of happiness overall, much greater than experienced before. Also, I am having more success in activities and health has seen a definite improvement. It’s lovely living close by to friends and meditators — having the privacy of one’s own home and garden, but feeling surrounded by warmth and companionship. It’s really nice living in the country also, hearing the bird sounds all day, and seeing the birds becoming friendlier every day.”

To view more photos of the homes and buildings, visit this photo album.

What may seem intangible to begin with becomes completely concrete as a person continues to live in Maharishi Vastu. The nourishing influence of protection and abundance in all aspects of life continues to grow and flourish in the lives of those who live here.

For those who might be motivated to explore Maharishi vastu in New Zealand, the residential building can accommodate short term stays.

Take a Look Inside a Maharishi Vastu home

We are pleased to announce that anyone can now enjoy a video tour of a Maharishi Vastu home on either of our websites, or

These first videos feature several homes of various sizes and styles in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa. Two of the homes are part of an off the grid community. Each walk-through tour contains commentary by Jon Lipman, AIA , US National director for Maharishi Vedic architecture as well as interviews of the homeowners.

Vastu home

We hope to have homes from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and other countries added to this collection very soon.

We are certain that seeing the inside of a Vastu home “live” will bring a more tangible reality of the power of Maharishi Vastu to those who have not had the opportunity to visit or stay in one of these homes yet.

Vastu home

And, if you would like to “taste” this reality yourself in preparation for building or buying, that opportunity exists in many places. Here is the link to our previous issues that featured articles on “short term stay/bed and breakfast” opportunities. and

We are always glad to hear your comments and suggestions for future home tours.

Vastu Homes in Denmark

The fifth home in Denmark designed and constructed according to the principles of Maharishi Vedic architecture was recently completed, and two more houses are under construction. A 14-hectare plot of land has been acquired to establish a Vastu Peace Community consisting of 22 houses and a Maharishi Invincibility School.

Vastu Homes in Denmark

This picture shows the complex of the TM Center administration and residential buildings as seen from the east in a traditional courtyard configuration.

The Danish Folk School for development of Consciousness is operating in its 32nd year, and there is a possibility for it to move into a Maharishi Vastu building this year as well. 

This initiative joins the other European Maharishi Peace community projects already built or in the planning stages in England, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany, as well as a garden city project in Russia.

Maharishi Vastu versus Natural Disasters

In case you have not visited our Facebook page or the blog section of our website recently, be sure and see the stories of how Maharishi Vastu buildings withstood the challenge of some of the recent natural disasters to hit the US. shares two accounts of the phenomenon of the Vastu Shield Effect.