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Issue #68:
December, 2023

Maharishi Vastu® Architecture, Applying the principles of Maharishi Vastu design and construction

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December 2023

Mongolia Embraces Maharishi Vastu® Architecture:
An Interview with Innovator Bulgan Murun

In a landmark step for Mongolia, Bulgan Murun has successfully completed a pioneering project–the nation's first Maharishi Vastu home. Her family's home blends durable materials with the natural beauty of interlocking wood logs. Read our Q & A article below.

A ceremony featuring traditional Mongolian music as the family moves into their new MVA home

How long did the construction of your Vastu home take?

Bulgan: Although the timeline from the groundbreaking ceremony in June 2021 to completion in August 2023 suggests about 27 months, actual construction was only 14-15 months. Our winters are long, so construction halts from November through April.

Could you tell us about the materials used in the construction?

Bulgan: We chose a mix of materials for durability and natural aesthetics. The ground floor is built with concrete blocks and a structural reinforced concrete frame, as is true of most homes in Asia, while the upper floor walls are composed of no-nail interlocking wood logs.

Two members of Bulgan’s family wave to us in front of their new home

What were some of your favorite aspects or challenges during the project?

Bulgan: Every challenge seemed to present a solution. For instance, when our local Vastu architect was unavailable for the groundbreaking due to illness, international Maharishi Vastu consultant Hannu Siika stepped in to guide us, ensuring the move-in ceremony went ahead as planned.

What inspired you to build this property according to Maharishi Vastu architecture?

Bulgan: This property has been in the family all of my life; we have had a summer cottage on it where I grew up playing and bonding with nature. So, when I got the news from my Maharishi Vastu architect that our land is highly suitable for a Vastu building, I was thrilled! Our design is influenced by Bhutanese philosophy, reflecting gross national happiness and Buddhist elements, which are very similar in Mongolia.

The family enjoying a picnic on the site.


Bulgan (center-right) and family perambulate the home during their move-in ceremony

Bulgan: After the completion of the Vastu house, I felt a strong sense of accomplishment and confidence in me that even made me think that "This is Mongolia's first Maharishi Vastu house, which I led; Now I am confident in leading a project to build Mongolia's first Peace Palace.”

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