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At Home in Maharishi Vastu

Issue #31:
June, 2015

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  • New Vastu School Building in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Live, online presentation for Vastu community in New Jersey

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Live or work in Maharishi Vastu and gain a powerful influence of fulfillment, happiness and perfect health for the rest of your life.

Maharishi Vedic® architecture provides the universal rules and principles to design buildings, developments and cities to bring the beneficial influence of all the laws of nature to human life.

Maharishi Vastu is the holistic science of establishment that connects the parts to the whole, the individual to the cosmic.

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  1. Pre-designed plans for homes and larger buildings.
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  4. Master Planning for developments and communities.
  5. Consultation services: to ensure that your architect’s custom design will have a fully nourishing influence.

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New Vastu School Building in Oaxaca, Mexico

“I was very well impressed by the Inauguration of the meditation hall in Oaxaca. Driving into the village was magical. The hall glistened like a jewel. It took my breath away to see it shining in the full sun light.”

Vastu communities

This was the description of the event at which the government of Oaxaca, in close collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation of Latin America, recently inaugurated a multipurpose classroom in San Mateo Sosola built according to Maharishi Vastu principles and dedicated to the practice of Consciousness-Based education.

The classroom and its campus are part of the system of state government institutes for baccalaureate studies. As with all consciousness-based schools it uses the Transcendental Meditation program to develop the students’ potential, by progressively developing the full use of the brain, strengthening cognitive, physiological, and emotional functioning, and thereby leading them to healthier habits in life, superior scholarship, and positive behaviors.

The ribbon-cutting and Vastu inauguration ceremony took place March 29th, 2015, and was very well received. The Vastu hall was inaugurated In the presence of 600 students, parents and community guests. Among those present was a representative of the governor, the state Secretary of Education, and other state and local leaders.

Vastu communities

According to one person who took part in the ceremony:

It sits on top of a hill with magnificent views of the valley and mountains, just like a fortress of consciousness. It was really thrilling to see how excited the students were to have their very own meditation hall—they were so proud.

The students all gathered to have the first meditation in the new hall; The lively silence was so profound. A spontaneous cheer arose upon coming out of meditation. The children were elated.

Fausto Diaz Montes, the General Coordinator of Media and Higher Education, Science and Technology for the state said it is necessary that students express their full potential and creativity for better learning. He said Oaxaca has a great ally in the David Lynch Foundation.

On behalf of the Governor, I appreciate the generosity of the David Lynch Foundation Latin America, which enables young people today to have adequate space and comfort right at school to practice their Transcendental Meditation technique, and thus achieve a comprehensive education. In this administration we believe that education is the only instrument that allows us to transform society, aspiring to a better life and building a better future.” he said.

A large consciousness-based education program started in five Oaxaca schools in 2011. It now operates in 66 schools, benefiting 255 teachers and 6,198 students with daily meditation, thanks to the commitment and confidence of the foundation. See our facebook album for a complete photo journal of this wonderful event.

The cost of the buildings’ construction was around $70,000, which came from donations organized by the David Lynch Foundation of Latin America. The location is an indigenous community in the Kazatika valley. The building is built of local clay bricks and concrete and with the support of the community.

Consciousness-Based education schools thrive on all continents. Africa is represented by schools in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. Australia has a school operating in a Maharishi Vastu building also. There are several countries in Latin America that now have consciousness-based schools. In North America there are well-established schools in the US and Canada. In Europe, the UK has had a Consciousness-Based school for many years. And, in Asia, there are numerous schools in India and Thailand in Maharishi Vastu buildings.

Live, online presentation for Vastu community in New Jersey

We have moved into out second phase of the campaign to create a Vastu community in New Jersey. Jon Lipman, AIA will give a free, online presentation this Wednesday, June 17th at 8pm EDT. This presentation is open to the public and will include the most recent updates on the search for land in New Jersey. Click here to pre-register for this free event and get a link to attend the event. We are using a youtube live event to make it simple for everyone!