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At Home in Maharishi Vastu

Issue #8:
March, 2011

Welcome to our Issue

  • Updates on Tiny Houses
  • Building for Peace in Ireland
  • Vedic Vege Garden Review
  • Cows Enjoy their Maharishi Vastu Barn

Maharishi Vastu® Architecture, Applying the principles of Maharishi Vastu design

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About Us

Live or work in Maharishi Vastu and gain a powerful influence of fulfillment, happiness and perfect health for the rest of your life.

Maharishi Vedic® architecture provides the universal rules and principles to design buildings, developments and cities to bring the beneficial influence of all the laws of nature to human life.

Maharishi Vastu is the holistic science of establishment that connects the parts to the whole, the individual to the cosmic.

What we offer to you:

  1. Pre-designed plans for homes and larger buildings.
  2. Custom design of homes by affiliated architects.
  3. Site evaluation: to help you find an ideal site.
  4. Master Planning for developments and communities.
  5. Consultation services: to ensure that your architect’s custom design will have a fully nourishing influence.

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Updates on Tiny Houses

The article from last month’s enews on small Maharishi Vastu houses has brought many comments on our Facebook photo album posted on our Facebook page.  We have continued to add to the album as more examples  come in.  You can see a few more examples here; one from Sweden, a 160 SF(15 Sqm) pavilion  and another from Greece a 764 SF (71 Sqm) small home.  A recently completed small house on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada has created its own Facebook album that shows a sample of the building construction progress as well as the completed interiors. You can visit that page at:

To have the benefit of some time each day in a Maharishi Vastu building is a great blessing and will bring the coherence and support of nature to facilitate complete Vastu living.

Many people are also enjoying the recently posted blog giving the experiences of some of the owners living in these compact Vastu homes:

Building for Peace in Ireland

The Peace Line project in Belfast, Northern Ireland is the latest Maharishi Vastu building project in an area very much in need of the harmonizing and coherence creating effect of this ancient system of building.

The two building complex will be a multi-use center for both a learning center and commercial/residential functions such as shops, offices, cafes, studios and apartments. The northern building is 5 floors and a total of 18,300 SF (1700 SqM). The ground floor will be shops and services. The upper floors will house the learning center activities. The eastern building is 6 floors totaling 37,700 SF (3500 SqM) also with shops and services on the ground floor and 6 Vastu apartments on each of the upper floors. This building will be the first commercial structure built in Europe using the principles of Maharishi Vastu architecture.

The David Lynch Community Performing Arts College classes will be open to children and adults from the divided Protestant and Catholic areas and will provide a peaceful and nurturing environment for them to come together to learn. The college plans to offer courses and scholarships in drama, dance and screen acting. All the students will also practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique together twice daily to spontaneously promote peace and reconciliation in the surrounding area. The ”Peace Lines” were created in Belfast in the 1970’s to separate Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods in the hopes of minimizing inter-communal violence. These literal barrier walls have outlived the Berlin wall, divided the communities and kept children from playing and learning together. Thanks to the support of the David Lynch Foundation and its “Stress Free Schools program” hundreds of students and t eachers on both sides of the Peace Lines have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique. The students and teachers practice TM together twice daily in the schools to create greater harmony, coherence and peace in this troubled area. Now there will be a Maharishi Vastu building that will give more momentum to their efforts through correct orientation, proportions and room placement.

The building will also have a strong focus on the use of ecologically sound building practices and materials.
Full official building permission is in place, and the developers are now waiting on confirmation from the Government of a grant to cover 30% of the building cost.

You can read more about the project at their website as well as their YouTube site globalcountryni.

Vedic Vegetable Garden Review

According to the first US clients of the Vedic garden design services, the vegetables produced by their first year Vedic vegetable garden as compared to other locally produced, organic vegetables is dramatic.

“We used to buy our produce from “Whole Foods” (a national food store chain) until we discovered a nearby farm that sold organic produce - freshly picked that morning. The different was striking and dramatic. Suddenly “Whole Foods” produce started looking not very “fresh”.

Then one day we sat down to the first harvest of salad greens from our Maharishi Vedic garden. With the first bite my wife and I stared at each other with a look of incredulity and delight. We had never, ever tasted anything that felt so full and alive and vital. The difference from even the neighborhood organic farm was nothing short of amazing. Now we only buy produce off season when the garden is covered with snow.”

This new service designs garden space for both vegetable and decorative gardens. You can read about their services and the principles behind it on their beautiful website:

Cows Enjoy their Maharishi Vastu Barn

A wonderful Maharishi Vastu barn for cows in upstate New York has just been inaugurated and is now happily occupied by some very fortunate cows. This perfect Vastu barn will be the new home of a herd of Jersey cows, which first lived in Vastu in North Carolina, USA.

The matriarch cow participated fully in the ceremony events and did the first “inspection” of the new quarters, including a test of the feed stalls.

As the other cows entered the barn and settled down, several of them sat down facing east. Reports tell us that the cows especially like their east facing feeding stalls and the abundance of natural light and space. 

The lady who looks after the cows reports “The feeling in the barn is so special. One can feel a great wholeness that is more than the collection of all the parts of the building. There is a silence and feeling of deep peace. It is very difficult to leave once one is in there. Being in this barn made it very clear the difference between a properly directed building and a properly directed Maharishi Vastu structure. The cows also seem much more settled and at home.”

Earlier photos taken during construction of the barn demonstrate that the cows had a keen interest in the process of building right from the start. 

Two of the cows are close to calving soon and the owners hope to have the heated kitchen for cleaning equipment and preparing products ready before that event.

If you would like to view more pictures and read more about the cows, please go to: