Vastu Building, Vlodrop, The Netherlands

Maharishi Vastu Communities and Developments

Coherence, protection, and harmony are heightened when a Maharishi Vastu home is surrounded by other Vastu homes; this is why the most ideal life is lived in a Maharishi Vastu community. Maharishi Vastu communities are beautiful and naturally create positive social environments as well.

Principles of orientation, proportion, and placement guide the proper layout and planning for a town or city, just as they do in the design and construction of a single Maharishi Vastu building. These principles insure that only nourishing and positive effects come to those living in a Maharishi Vastu planned community.

It’s our joy to be able to share information on established and growing Maharishi Vastu communities with you. If you’re interested in learning more about a specific community, please get in touch with the contact listed for it — they will be happy to tell you more.

This page will be completed soon with descriptions and pictures of Vastu communities around the world.

For more information contact us.

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