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We can help you enjoy the nourishing influence of homes and buildings designed according to Maharishi Vastu architecture. Our experienced architects, fully trained in these principles, offer a pure and comprehensive system of Vastu architecture. Our services will provide you with the proper guidance at every step of the way to construct an ideal Vastu home.

How to Build a Maharishi Vastu Home

  1. Find one or two potential sites for building. Be sure to refer to our guidelines for initial site selection. At the same time, you will want to consider the size of the house you wish to build along with your budget (contact us, we can help). You can do this by reviewing the homes in our portfolio, or working with a Vastu architect to design a custom home.

Aligning individual
life with Cosmic life

  1. Contact us when you are ready for us to evaluate the lot you have identified so we can make sure it’s suitable for a Maharishi Vastu building. If you already own the lot, we will evaluate it to ensure that its influences are nourishing and positive and a proper Vastu building can be built on it.
  2. We will also check to see if the house, Vastu fence, and any other features you wish to include (a garage, garden, driveway, etc.) will fit properly on the site.
  3. Once we’ve approved your lot, from the perspective of Vastu it is fine to buy it.
  4. When we’ve approved your land and you have secured it, it is time to enroll in our full services. For an additional fee, we can provide you with full construction drawings, modify one of our existing designs, create a custom designed home for you, or guide your own architect to design a compliant Vastu design.
  5. Once your plans are finalized, we’ll give you some help to find a suitable local builder and orient them to Vastu building principles.
  6. We’ll be available to answer any questions the builder and you may have during construction.
  7. With an auspicious move-in date, celebrate your new home and enjoy perfect Vastu!

Selling you a pre-design house plan is only one aspect of our services. In order to ensure you receive the effects of proper Vastu we give you guidance on elements of homebuilding that are often ignored — including the influence of your home's site and orientation, building materials and more.

So, we offer house plans from our portfolio only with our other essential services. To learn about these services call us at 641-472-7570 or contact us.

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