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Fortune-Creating Homes

To simplify having a Fortune-Creating home anywhere in the world, we offer two portfolios of predesigned homes. The Worldwide Portfolio consists of designs that were developed specifically for clients in Europe, and the US Portfolio consists of designs that were developed for clients in the US. Any design may be modified based upon a client’s desires.

The attached portfolios feature photos and/or elevations, and detailed descriptions of the features of each home. To see the floor plans, kindly contact us. We hope you will enjoy viewing these designs for Fortune-Creating homes!

Selling you a pre-design house plan is only one aspect of our services.

In order to ensure you receive the effects of proper Vastu we give you guidance on elements of homebuilding that are often ignored — including the influence of your home’s site and orientation, building materials and more.

So, we offer house plans from our portfolio only with our other essential services. To learn about these services call us at 641-472-7570 or contact us.

Worldwide Portfolio of Homes
US Portfolio of Homes

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