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July 2, 2015

Colorado Yoga Magazine

“Yoga for Your Home”
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April 24, 2009

“2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard Awarded LEED(R) Platinum CS 2.0 Certification”
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December 12, 2008

Washington Post

“Bricks, Mortar and Serenity
New Rockville Building Has a Peaceful, Meditative Air”
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November/December 2008

The Iowan Magazine

“House of the Rising Sun”
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April 2006

House King Magazine

“Vedic Architecture: A millenary practice is reborn”
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February 2006

Upstate House

“Enlightened Design: Vedic architecture employs ancient design principles to promote peace and well-being”
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November 2005

Buildings Magazine

“Best Practices in Sustainability: Buildings Go Beyond Green”
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September 2005

The Times Journal of Construction and Design (TJCD)

“In Accord with Nature”
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Note: The Times Journal of Construction and Design (TJCD) is a publication of the Economic Times (India), one of the world’s largest business dailies. TJCD is a major resource for the construction industry of India.

August 21, 2005

Houston Chronicle

“Building has an ancient touch”
Letter size | A4 size

August 5, 2005

The Rock Island Argus

“Vedic homes seek better living through architecture”
Letter size | A4 size

July/August 2005

AAA Living (Iowa)

“Spotlight: Maharishi Vedic City—Iowa Shangri-La”
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July 15, 2005

American Way (American Airlines magazine)

“Lifestyle Feature: Home and Peace”
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July 7, 2005

The Washington Post

“Mind Over Mortar”
Letter size | A4 size

June 20, 2005

The Washington Post (Business section)

“Tower II planned with the Maharishi in mind”
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new homeowners share their experiences

We wanted to share some experiences of people who have recently moved into a Maharishi Vastu home for the first time. They certainly speak for themselves of the dramatic transformation that takes place when someone moves into Vastu. Maharishi Vastu homeowners have been sharing their experiences with us for the past 20 + years, and we can say with all certainty that these experiences are not isolated in fact they are quite common. We hope they inspire you as they do us, even after 20 years. If you would like to see photos of some of the houses that gave rise to the experiences below, please visit:

“When I first moved in, the feeling in our Maharishi Vastu house was very nourishing and sweet. I didn’t notice any earth shaking difference in my life, but I noticed a few striking things about the house itself, even in the very beginning. First, when I leave the house, whether it is for a few days or a few hours, I always look forward to coming home.

Over time I have noticed differences in my life. Since moving in to the new house, I have learned first-hand that the benefits of living in Maharishi Vastu are cumulative. I have heard this before, but I know now that this is most definitely the case! One way to describe it is in terms of puzzle pieces fitting together. Imagine your life as a puzzle. Some of the puzzle pieces have always fit together very easily and naturally and others haven’t. Some pieces fit, but there are rough edges and gaps and bumps, other pieces are missing altogether. For me, since moving into a Vastu home, the pieces are gradually fitting together one by one in a fairly systematic way. It’s almost like magic. The rough pieces have become smoother. The missing pieces are finding a home. Some desires that I didn’t even know I had are being fulfilled. Various family members are also noticing this.

Another experience: The walls of the house sometimes seem to disappear, as if there is no barrier between the outside and the inside.

When TM® meditators come here for meditation checking, they walk in the door and say they feel like they have come home.

Finally, this remarkable influence seems to be spreading to members of our extended family who don’t even live here.” Massachusetts, USA

“Someone asked me what I noticed as different after only 24 hours of living in our new Maharishi Vastu home. Here is what I told them; my head is absolutely bursting (buzzing?) with bliss. I have a feeling of peace and groundedness, and my heart feels as if it is being filled up and nourished and all this in the first 24 hours! “

This Canadian lady has begun to write a blog on her website page with current observations and experiences. If you would like to read more of her experiences, simply go to:

Recently a friend of hers came to visit and stayed overnight for a few days. She has stayed in Vastu homes before and when she woke in the morning, she commented: “I had forgotten about the special quality of sleep that you get in a Vastu home.”

Read more about this experience on the website listed above. British Columbia, Canada

“Since our moving into the new home, there have been quite a few small and large instances of support of nature- experiences of automatic fulfillment of desires. Not every desire, but many of them. The muhurta (ceremony for inaugurating the new home) was very powerful - very profound – very blissful. We felt very full and blessed and fortunate. The only time I have felt this much grace was in Maharishi's presence. What a fantastic and unexpectedly wonderful experience.

I find now - 2 weeks and some later that even when I think of the house (while traveling) I have an inner settling - and a quiet, blissful, full feeling. During meditation if the thought of the house comes – it immediately lends a deep silence - often unbounded -- to the experience.

I genuinely feel that moving in to a Maharishi Vastu house has changed my life. I feel much more grounded in being. More full and fulfilled -- more integrated, and not looking for the more transient relative bliss as much.

This has exceeded all my expectations. Far far far far exceeded. What a great blessing to be able to enjoy this silence.” Iowa, USA

“The first thing I noticed about living in our Maharishi Vastu weekend home was that my income jumped sharply as soon as the foundation was poured. This was completely unexpected. I had always associated ‘Vastu’ with being aligned with the laws of nature, and not at all with income. Now, however, I know why they are called ‘fortune-creating homes.’

The second thing I noticed was how extraordinary my TM® meditation experiences are in this house. I spend half of each week living in a perfect Vastu and half of each week not. The difference in my experiences is very dramatic, and I am reminded of it each and every week. Living in Vastu is like having a very powerful technique for transcending. No, let me correct that. It IS a very powerful technique.” New York, USA

“There is a precious feeling that develops between the Fortune-Creating house and the owner of the house. My experience is that my home is a totally safe, secure refuge, a sanctuary of purity and stillness and happiness. Also, I feel that my house protects me, not only when I am in it, but even when I am away from it. I carry my house in my heart when I am away from it, and somehow I feel like my house has me in its heart, even when I am away from it. I feel nourished by my house, supported by my house, cared for by my house. . Also, I find that doing things for my house brings happiness--simple household chores become fun and fulfilling activities because it is for my house.” Iowa, USA

“ Upon moving into the first Fortune-Creating home I built, I noticed I slept more soundly without waking up during the night. My thinking was clearer and I made better choices in business and personal life. Then I sold that house and the new home was not ready so I had to temporarily move out. That was when I really noticed a contrast to my previous experience.

Out of Vastu my sleep became worse; I had less support of nature and stayed up too late at night for no reason. The nurturing support which Maharishi Vastu architecture provides was gone.

A year later I was able to move back into a Vastu home and what a relief that was. Again sleep immediately improved as did my daily routine. My wealth grew with less effort and health also improved. The choices I made were better and the quality of my life is much better. I will never move out of Vastu again.” Iowa, USA

“There is so much we love about our new Vastu condo. Our home feels completely friendly and nourishing. We feel safe and protected from the elements of weather, etc., yet we also feel as though there is no artificial barrier or restriction between us and nature's grandeur - the beautiful fields, sky and stars. It’s as though the harmony and magnificence of the universe is able to reach and connect with us right through the physical structure of the home. For us, it is a feeling of real freedom, expansion, and unboundedness which has been growing day by day. We are so grateful for Maharishi’s revival and restoration of all the Vedic knowledge and hope that Maharishi Vastu architecture will quickly be incorporated worldwide, so every person will enjoy the benefits wherever they live and work.” Iowa, USA

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