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July 2, 2015

Colorado Yoga Magazine

“Yoga for Your Home”
Letter size

April 24, 2009

“2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard Awarded LEED(R) Platinum CS 2.0 Certification”
Letter size

December 12, 2008

Washington Post

“Bricks, Mortar and Serenity
New Rockville Building Has a Peaceful, Meditative Air”
Letter size | A4 size

November/December 2008

The Iowan Magazine

“House of the Rising Sun”
Letter Size

April 2006

House King Magazine

“Vedic Architecture: A millenary practice is reborn”
11 x 17 format

February 2006

Upstate House

“Enlightened Design: Vedic architecture employs ancient design principles to promote peace and well-being”
Letter size (2.7 MB)

November 2005

Buildings Magazine

“Best Practices in Sustainability: Buildings Go Beyond Green”
Letter size | A4 size

September 2005

The Times Journal of Construction and Design (TJCD)

“In Accord with Nature”
Letter size

Note: The Times Journal of Construction and Design (TJCD) is a publication of the Economic Times (India), one of the world’s largest business dailies. TJCD is a major resource for the construction industry of India.

August 21, 2005

Houston Chronicle

“Building has an ancient touch”
Letter size | A4 size

August 5, 2005

The Rock Island Argus

“Vedic homes seek better living through architecture”
Letter size | A4 size

July/August 2005

AAA Living (Iowa)

“Spotlight: Maharishi Vedic City—Iowa Shangri-La”
Letter size | A4 size

July 15, 2005

American Way (American Airlines magazine)

“Lifestyle Feature: Home and Peace”
Letter size | A4 size

July 7, 2005

The Washington Post

“Mind Over Mortar”
Letter size | A4 size

June 20, 2005

The Washington Post (Business section)

“Tower II planned with the Maharishi in mind”
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Small Vastu Living

The experience of living in Maharishi Vastu is highly individual yet certain themes run through the expressions of those who have the opportunity to live in Vastu.  In keeping with the trend towards smaller homes, all of the comments below come from people who reside in small Vastu homes.  This demonstrates that the size of the dwelling is not a restriction on the effects of Maharishi Vastu living!   You can view some of these houses and their interiors on our Facebook page photo album at,


“I've been living in my vastu home for four months and it still feels wonderful. The house is tiny, a mere 645 Sqf (60 Sqm) with a half-story loft upstairs. (Editor’s note: this house is the Jasmine cottage in the US Portfolio of designs)  One would think that it would feel cramped and crowded, especially with two unrelated people and three small dogs all living there. But we and our guests have often laughed because it feels like the house expands to fit the need--no matter how many people we pack into it, it still feels unbounded and spacious.  Much credit goes to the Vastu consultant/designer’s great design which makes the house highly functional, but mostly because there is this mysterious quality, an actual palatable feeling of energy or presence in every space in the house, a positive sense of unboundedness.

It's like nothing I've ever experienced outside of meditation. It seems to be healing. My recovery from the push to finish construction and move in actually seems to be going faster. My thinking really does seem to be clearer. Difficult things seem to take less effort. Emotional strain seems less gripping.

And I feel like I don't need to go anywhere. For most of my life there has been a chant inside me that says, "Go home, go home, go home..." and that chant has driven me to do things, accomplish, move on. But I haven't heard that since I moved in here, and yet things still seem to get accomplished, only with less sense of effort.”    SP, Fairfield, Iowa


“Living in Vastu, big or small, for me is like living in another world. My house is only 35 Sqm (380 Sqf) but I feel the effect all the time, sometimes subtle, sometimes very clear. I experience it most clearly during my meditations. Some time ago I had to spend about 10 days in a non-vastu house. I didn't really notice the effect, how my energy had been slowly draining, until I came back home. I was shocked. That was the first time I really understood why Maharishi had been putting so much attention on Vastu.

From all the wonderful technologies Maharishi has brought to us, for me Vastu is by far the most powerful one. The effects can be subtle, but they are there 24 hours per day and accumulate to something that is everything but subtle.”     J C, Belgium

“Our Vastu cottage is 700 SF but feels much bigger.  High ceilings and open plan with lots of windows contribute to a feeling of spaciousness.  We were planning on building a larger residence in the future but to our surprise we find this small home very comfortable. Our Vastu home seems to breathe, almost as if it has life.  The energy is strong and it feels like you are wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket.  It is most profound. “      JB, Canada


"The aspect of living in Maharishi Vastu that is most appealing to me is very simple; I like feeling happy, and that is how I feel in this house all the time. It never occurs to me that it is a small house and I never feel cramped.  My sister visited with me here recently and stayed in the house with me and loved it.  It was her first experience of Vastu living. The other dramatic result of Vastu living that I have noticed is, overall, I feel very healthy here.  Some long standing negative health habits have effortlessly disappeared after many years of trying to stop and not succeeding.

Like many others, when I am at home I never want to leave,  my favorite time of the day is when I walk home at the end of the day  and come thru the gate and into the house. "
CG, Iowa


“I’ve been living in my new Vastu townhouse for a little over a year and I love it. I’ve got an ideal floor plan that optimizes the use of the 675 square feet of space. That may sound small, but it is very comfortable and perfect for my life, with “a place for everything and everything in its place,” including a separate meditation room and coherent home office. It’s a great fortune to be in Maharishi Vastu with the convenience of group meditation just a few steps away, and to be so close to the Vedic Pandit  campus, who are blessing our community and the whole world each day.

It feels wonderful here, so easy to just be and enjoy.”     CH, Iowa




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