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July 2, 2015

Colorado Yoga Magazine

“Yoga for Your Home”
Letter size

April 24, 2009

“2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard Awarded LEED(R) Platinum CS 2.0 Certification”
Letter size

December 12, 2008

Washington Post

“Bricks, Mortar and Serenity
New Rockville Building Has a Peaceful, Meditative Air”
Letter size | A4 size

November/December 2008

The Iowan Magazine

“House of the Rising Sun”
Letter Size

April 2006

House King Magazine

“Vedic Architecture: A millenary practice is reborn”
11 x 17 format

February 2006

Upstate House

“Enlightened Design: Vedic architecture employs ancient design principles to promote peace and well-being”
Letter size (2.7 MB)

November 2005

Buildings Magazine

“Best Practices in Sustainability: Buildings Go Beyond Green”
Letter size | A4 size

September 2005

The Times Journal of Construction and Design (TJCD)

“In Accord with Nature”
Letter size

Note: The Times Journal of Construction and Design (TJCD) is a publication of the Economic Times (India), one of the world’s largest business dailies. TJCD is a major resource for the construction industry of India.

August 21, 2005

Houston Chronicle

“Building has an ancient touch”
Letter size | A4 size

August 5, 2005

The Rock Island Argus

“Vedic homes seek better living through architecture”
Letter size | A4 size

July/August 2005

AAA Living (Iowa)

“Spotlight: Maharishi Vedic City—Iowa Shangri-La”
Letter size | A4 size

July 15, 2005

American Way (American Airlines magazine)

“Lifestyle Feature: Home and Peace”
Letter size | A4 size

July 7, 2005

The Washington Post

“Mind Over Mortar”
Letter size | A4 size

June 20, 2005

The Washington Post (Business section)

“Tower II planned with the Maharishi in mind”
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VAstu City Planning e-published as Kindle and iBook!

Our latest book dealing with the comprehensive restructuring of cities and towns according to the ancient principles of Vedic architecture is now available on Kindle, through Amazon as well as  in  iBook format through iBookstore.  

The book begins with asking the question on the minds of so many people today; 


Cities, and the buildings of which they are composed, should be structures that nourish and sustain every aspect of human life. Is this the case today?

From this point of view,  it gives an overview of the elements of Vedic City pl anning and how those elements are a logical, satisfactory conclusion to the current trends that call for more sustainable, healthy and coherent towns and cities.  It discusses the why and the how of this most ancient system of structuring the built environment from both an historical perspective and experiential viewpoint. 

Most importantly, this book will appeal to both the concerned lay reader as well as being a good introduction to planners, developer/builders and government officials.  It has many photos and illustrations. 

for Mac users, just go to iBookstore and type in Vastu City Planning.

For PC users , who are unfamiliar with Kindle, you can download the software directly  to your computer if you do not have a Kindle device and have the book "delivered" there to read.   Simply go to and enter the book title, "Vastu City Planning" and search under "Kindle store". 



Vedic Garden City Planning draws crowds at UK "Eco...

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