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Site Guidelines

The ideal lot will be in an area with a natural slope downwards towards the north, north-east or east. Second best is if your lot itself is level or slopes slightly downwards towards the north, north-east or east. In some cases your fenced yard can be flattened to eliminate a contrary slope, but avoid an area with hills to the east as they will block the nourishing influence of the rising sun.

Avoid sites near high tension lines.

Avoid sites near graveyards.

Ideally, you should be able to enter the lot from the north or east and certainly will be entering the Vastu from the east as well as the house itself.

When you identify a candidate site send us its location (ideally by locating it on Google Earth and using GE’s feature that permits you to e-mail a placemark to us). We then will evaluate it for sunrise delay and other considerations.

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