• Tour of Maharishi VastuA Tour of Maharishi Vastu Homes Around the WorldJanuary 2020
  • Vedic Planning, Part 1Vedic Planning, Part 1 December 2019
  • Unique featuresDr. Eike Hartmann interview and Q&A on Maharishi Vastu November 2019
  • Unique featuresUnique Features September 2019
  • Maharishi Vastu in contrastMaharishi Vastu in Contrast to Feng Shui August 2019
  • Why East is importantWhy East is Important July 2019
  • Five Ways for harmonious homeFive Ways to a Harmonious Home June 2019

What’s it like living in Vastu?

  • Profound Stillness that doesn’t shift Profound Stillness that Doesn’t Shift (5:20)
  • Maharishi Vastu brings happiness and more for mother and daughter Maharishi Vastu Brings Happiness and More for Mother and Daughter (4:53)
  • Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center and patient happiness Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center and Patient Happiness (5:08)
  • Eco Atrium home, and comfort living Off the Grid Eco Atrium home, and Comfort Living Off the Grid (7:33)

House tours

  • Constellation house Constellation house (5:24)
  • Smart House tour Smart House tour (5:23)
  • Rustic Farmhouse tour Rustic Farmhouse tour (5:42)
  • Jon Lipman House: Living Off the Grid Jon Lipman House: Living Off the Grid (5:10)

What is Vastu?

  • Proper OrientationProper Orientation in Maharishi Vastu Architecture (1:37)
  • ProportionsProportions in Maharishi Vastu Architecture (2:19)
  • Ideal Room PlacementIdeal Room Placement in Maharishi Vastu Architecture (2:06)
  • SustainableSustainable, Green Homes with Maharishi Vastu Architecture (1:42)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Speaks on Vastu

  • Make a choice for good fortuneMake a choice for good fortune (2:04)
  • Influence of houseInfluence of house (2:49)
  • Verify for yourselfVerify for yourself (2:32)
  • From where this knowledge comesFrom where this knowledge comes to reconstruct the world? (5:23)


  • North Campus Village: Maharishi Vastu homes in Fairfield, IowaNorth Campus Village: Maharishi Vastu homes in Fairfield, Iowa (1:00)
  • Maharishi Vedic City and VicinityMaharishi Vedic City and Vicinity (4:14)
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